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ARC loves partnering with organizations that share our passion for equipping the local church. Our Resource Partners are businesses and ministries that can help you throughout your ministry journey from church planting and beyond. Our heart is to bring you qualified partners we know and trust.

Each month we highlight some of our favorite resources that can help your church thrive.

Wesleyan Investment Foundation
Church Lending

Did you know…

You can have a personal investment account with WIF.
Every dollar invested in WIF is being used to build the Kingdom!
You can open an account online with as little as $25.

Increase your giving. Grow your church. With this free guide, learn how to easily and effectively transition your church and it’s members to a new giving platform with ease in just three months.


The JOHNSONKREIS team builds every project around the unique needs and dreams of their clients, tailoring every design to accomplish the objectives of each organization!


OneChild partners with your church to grow a global footprint without diverting resources from your primary local mission. Download these resources to help jumpstart your church’s global outreach.

The Church Lawyers

The Church Lawyers team is dedicated to providing outstanding and practical legal services to churches, ministries, and nonprofits of all sizes. They can provide you with some peace of mind… at a discount!


Take a journey to East Africa! The “4africa Passport” app is a VR/360 experience allowing users to take an immersive journey in the shoes of the very people 4africa serves in Uganda & South Sudan.

Church On Wheels

Church On Wheels saves you time & energy by creating simple, easy to use systems that anyone can learn. Mention the ‘ARC Planting Season Discount’ at checkout for 5% off product orders through 7/1/23!

Make Room Whiteboard Sessions

Grow your church & expand your leadership in 2023! The Make Room Whiteboard Sessions are immersive, relational gatherings designed to help pastors build their churches, teams, & vision.

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