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Kicking off the much-anticipated Season 3 of “Unscripted,” Dino Rizzo sits down with Mark Pettus, Highlands College President, at Legacy Arena in Birmingham, AL. After 13,000 students gather at the Motion Conference, they discuss a wide range of topics about reaching the next generation.

“If there’s anything that’s a long game, it’s building Student Ministries.” Dino asks Mark thought-provoking questions about student ministry. They unpack the challenges this generation faces, what needs to change in student ministry, and how authentic relationships mean more to students than the platform.

“Students are more connected, yet disconnected than ever before… I love LED’s and all the bells and whistles, but the greatest evangelistic tool you have right now is real relationships.”

Mark expresses the importance of focusing on small groups and how that led to more growth than any service or event. He explains the framework of their ministry and how they follow it at large events by making sure there is connection in small groups. 

They discuss more about: 

  • The role of technology and how they emphasize real connection for students
  • How to tailor your preaching and experiences to different age groups
  • Why so many churches are missing the 19-26 age group 
  • Developing leaders and helping students discover their calling

You’ll also see some behind-the-scenes footage at Motion Conference as Dylan Rizzo interviews different youth groups, leaders, students, and the pre-service rally. 

Check out the newest season of Unscripted on Youtube or any podcast platform. We’re so glad you’re here! 

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