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Walking With Lions

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We are excited to announce an incredible new ARC Resource – Walking with Lions by Jonathan Wiggins. Walking with Lions; How to find true courage and enduring strength through God-honoring relationships, is the latest book in the ARC How-To Series, available for pre-order now! As an ARC exclusive, included with your pre-order is a free digital download of the Walking with Lions Leader’s Guide. Pre-Order bundle offer available through March 22.

In at least one way, we’re not that different: Every person on the planet longs to be fully known and deeply loved—both, not one or the other. To be known but not loved makes us feel exposed; to be loved but not known is superficial and unfulfilling. In this book, Jonathan Wiggins explains the heart of God for rich, strong, healing relationships. He teaches from a compelling biblical perspective, and each chapter is full of illustrative stories and practical suggestions. And Jonathan writes from experience. He has developed this kind of relationship with his staff team. They call themselves “lions” because they’ve found the courage to be honest and supportive as they work together to do great things for God’s kingdom.

"All of us have taught and preached about the importance of relationships, but I'm not sure we've given people enough practical ideas about how to build stronger, deeper, richer connections. In Walking with Lions, Jonathan Wiggins has cracked the code. He offers hope that church leaders can nurture environments where people connect on a life-changing level."

Executive Director, ARC

The concepts in this book apply to staff teams, small groups, families, and friends. If you believe life change happens in relationships, this book is for you. Leaders and their teams will gain:

  • A vision of the power of God-honoring, Spirit-directed connections
  • Inspiration through stories and testimonies
  • A clear, patient, and persistent process
  • Richer, stronger relationships as they apply the principles
  • The ability to create loving, supportive, honest environments
  • A ripple effect of grace and truth in relationships throughout the organization

Jonathan and Amy Wiggins are the lead pastors of Rez.Church in Loveland, Colorado, whose mission is to reach unchurched people in the Northern Colorado area. In partnership with ARC, they led the century-old church to become a thriving multi-site model. In 2019, Jonathan launched a statewide initiative called Nothing Without God, which partners with and financially supports new church plants throughout Colorado. Through his website, he regularly contributes digital resources for leaders who are seeking to develop and deepen relationships in their families, friendships, and organizations. To learn more, visit

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