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Believe Church | Calabasas, CA

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“Our mission is to serve the city of Los Angeles until Los Angeles looks like Heaven.”

As a 6 time Grammy Winning Producer and Songwriter, Aaron Lindsey’s accomplishments have been acknowledged and respected among his peers and avid music lovers internationally. When Aaron and his wife, Adrian, moved to L.A. in 2015, something started to stir in them about reaching their community. They both came from families in ministry and thought they would never pastor themselves until God started envisioning them to serve at a greater level.

Once the Lindseys said yes to the call of God to plant a church, they knew learning from ARC would help them do it “right”. As church plant #1067, it brought them great peace to know that there were over 1,066 churches that had launched before them, and they’d be able to benefit from all those experiences, wisdom, and coaches. 

Believe LA launched on January 22, 2023 with the heart of reaching their community and getting Heaven in people’s hearts so they take Heaven with them everywhere they go. 

“You don’t know the impact of your yes.” 

Adrian explains how they gave God their yes, and how the testimonies they hear week in and week out fuel their faith. People are being set free from loneliness and anxiety and families are being restored and healed. She reflects on the fact that you never know the impact of your yes. 

Check out this church planter story to learn more about Believe LA’s journey and how loving your community and trusting God with your yes makes all the difference.

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