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Benefits of Portable Church Planting

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Better location. When you lease a site in an area of prime exposure in a community, you can meet in a place you would not be able to afford or that may not be available for purchase if you launched in a permanent location.

Reduced risk. You run the risk of investing a significant amount of money in a permanent location and then needing to move before your church receives an adequate return on that investment. This could result from a changing relationship with the property owner, or perhaps the location cannot meet your needs after you launch because it is too small or too large.

Flexibility. Planting a portable church gives you time to find your best location in the community while you meet with people in a place that is easy for them to access. If something unexpected changes and you are committed to an expensive lease, it is more challenging to make necessary changes to your budget.

Community engagement. Meeting new people is crucial for a church planter. When you start in your own space, it is easy to drift back into the comfortable confines of your building once you receive initial permits. A mobile church environment provides the opportunity to work with others in the marketplace regularly, be a witness to business leaders, and bring more awareness to your church.

Lower upfront costs. A temporary location allows you to invest your limited finances as a church planter to bring awareness to your new church instead of spending those funds on a physical site that must be updated, branded, and repaired.

Lower recurring costs. You pay only a fraction of the overhead to be in a prime location when you use a space only on Sundays. The costs of utilities, maintenance, and other expenses for the rest of the week are covered by someone else.

Creates ownership on your team. The need to set up and tear down for a meeting keeps the mission in front of everyone. For example, people who do not volunteer for leadership roles may choose to be involved in church operations.

More evangelistic. A portable church brings awareness to people who do not already attend a church. It allows you to add value to the place you are meeting, which will get the attention of community members as you tangibly show them your church cares.

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