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Church 54

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What has been one of the most defining ministry moments in your life?
One of the most defining ministry moments in my life was launching our church in the city of New Orleans, LA.

What is your church known for in your community?
Our church is known for being diverse, welcoming, passionate, and outreach oriented.

Choose one word to describe the story of your life or your church. Why?
The word that best describes my story and the heart of our church is “Redemption.” God took the broken pieces of my life and the mess I had made and redeemed it all for His glory. Our church is called Church 54, based on Isaiah 54. One of my favorite verses in Isaiah 54 says, “Storm-battered, unpitied, afflicted city, I’m about to rebuild you…”. This is what we believe God is doing and will continue to do in our church and the city of New Orleans.

Is there anything else you want to share with us about your journey in ministry or where your church is today?
We are so thankful to ARC for all of the prayers, encouragement, and support. We are forever grateful.

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