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Discover Family Church | Johnny and Sarah Kelley

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“God has used this hard time to show how great He is in the midst of my struggle.”

Johnny and Sarah Kelley launched Discover Family Church in September 2014 in Lakeland, Florida. They went through many seasons in search of the right building, only to be hit by one hurdle after another. But through many heartbreaking obstacles, there were countless miracles along the way. 

Once the Kelley family was attacked with health complications including a partial knee replacement, multiple surgeries, and Sarah’s breast cancer diagnosis, they had to focus on their family. Thankfully, their church family stepped up in a big way through that time.

Discover Family Church is now meeting in their own building (another miracle story) and seeing growth and salvations like never before. 

“I’m looking forward to what God is going to do because I think it’s something new and different. It’s going to be awesome.” Sarah is now cancer free and believing God for big things. 

Check out their church planter story to hear their firsthand account of beauty and hope through the struggle.

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