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Lead Pastor, The Bridge Church

Hampton, VA

Describe yourself in three words.


How are you finding time for play and rest during quarantine?

I am a big believer in keeping a weekly Sabbath when my family and I take time to rest, be revived, and reconnect. Maintaining this commitment to a Sabbath has kept me from getting swept away by the high demands that this year and all of its challenges have brought. I spend time in prayer, reading, working out, being present with my wife, playing with our kids, grilling, and catching up on the latest sports headlines. Guarding my weekly day of rest has been one of the most important rhythms for me during this season.

How have you seen God move during this time of COVID-19?

God has given me much clarity about what is essential. In a season when everything else has been stripped down to some degree, I have been focused on what matters the most in my personal life and ministry as a pastor and preacher. Often what I deemed essential was more excess than anything else. This season has enabled me to better see where I need to spend the majority of my time, energy, and resources. Consequently, I believe in many ways I have been more effective than I was pre-COVID.

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