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Endorsed Resources: February 2022

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Our vision is to see a thriving church in every community, reaching people with the message of Jesus. We hope to encourage and equip you and your church through a strong relational network of partners and resources.

God and Race
by John Siebeling & Wayne Francis

For years, Pastors John Siebeling and Wayne Francis have led thriving congregations that are the embodiment of diversity; Siebeling in Memphis and Francis in New York City. Many churches and leaders have sought their counsel, hoping to emulate their success. At the height of the Black Lives Matter protests in Summer 2020, they pooled their insights and experiences to help others facilitate conversations about racism. The guide they developed is the basis of God and Race. In God and Race, a White pastor and a Black pastor, close friends who have each built racially diverse congregations, offer a model Christians can follow to open necessary conversations about race, encourage unity, and foster mutual respect to heal a wounded nation riven by racial tension and political tribalism.


Relate Conference
March 1-2 | Bradenton, FL

Get ready to be empowered and equipped as you lead out strong in your next season of ministry. Relate Conference is a 2-day event designed to refresh you and your team as you learn from others on a similar journey in ministry. Join us in sunny South Florida on March 1 & 2 for a conference where we’ll have dynamic speakers such as Randy Bezet, Dharius Daniels, Charlotte Gambill, and Emy Vazquez, along with amazing roundtables to take your ministry to the next level.


Attention: A Devotional Project
by River Valley WorshipGod calls us to find peace, strength, and identity in a behind the scenes place with Him. Attention: A Devotional Project, a new EP from River Valley Worship, is meant to be a soundtrack of devotion, a musical score in the heartland of our lives as we meet with God, read His word, and listen to His voice. This project was conceived within the sacred spaces of prayer and meditation in God’s word, with the heart and hope that it would minister to you in those moments of your own.

Movement Mortgage

Movement Mortgage is a kingdom-minded organization that provides tremendous value with their services and desire to help pastors, leaders, and their employees on a more personal level by offering personal home mortgages. They generously give millions of dollars towards missions while pioneering a unique approach to mortgage lending. Movement Mortgage is committed to building relationships based on clear communication and creating a stress-free process for home buyers. ARC Family will receive a $500 lender credit with Movement Mortgage.


Dying for Purpose
by Micah McElveen

Through his own death in 1995, Micah McElveen’s eyes were opened. Dying for Purpose delivers a fresh perspective on pain, purpose, and mission. Readers are challenged to rethink the role of struggle and success here on earth. The story weaves in and out of dreamscape as we follow Micah from homelessness in the back seat of a Ford Explorer to a concrete hut in Africa. Dying for Purpose will not only encourage you to live but to live with everything you’ve got.


Hope Again
by Steve Robinson

What you hold in your hands is much more than a book. It is a guide for moving past anxiety and even hopelessness. As you engage with this guide, you will embark on a life-changing journey that brings hope in the midst of our broken world. In this study, we look at the greatest news we could ever receive — the good news of the gospel! No matter the “bad news” surrounding us, and the failures we’ve experienced, we can live an overcoming life of hope and supernatural peace. In Christ, we can always Hope Again!


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