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ARC Updates

January 23, 2024

ARC Launch Coaching Webinar with Chad Veach

We invite you and your team to join us for a special ARC Launch Coaching Webinar with Chad Veach on Feb. 21 at 2 p.m. ET/1…
December 11, 2023

UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep7 | Dino with Toby Slough

“I thought freedom was I would never have a panic attack - I would never be anxious. But through a lot of study, prayer, and…
December 3, 2023

UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep6 | Dino with Jimmy Evans

“I think the Lord has tremendous compassion for people struggling in marriage.” Pastor Jimmy Evans recounts his journey from being a “creep who cheated on…
November 19, 2023

UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep5 | Dino with Michael Miller

“Prayer became more than an activity, it became our culture.” Michael and Lorisa Miller started a prayer meeting in a small, upstairs office space overlooking…
November 5, 2023

UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep4 | Dino with Jeff Little

“Some of the greatest developing leaders in our church are still young.” Milestone Church celebrated 20 years last fall. Pastor Jeff Little and Dino Rizzo…
October 31, 2023

2023 Year in Review

In 2022, 63 churches were launched in communities worldwide, including 11 churches globally.
October 2, 2023

UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep2 | Dino with Kevin Mawae

“I never played for the fame. Once I became a believer, I knew this was a platform God had given me and how I used…
September 17, 2023

UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep1 | Dino with Mark Pettus

Kicking off the much-anticipated Season 3 of "Unscripted," Dino Rizzo sits down with Mark Pettus, Highlands College President, at Legacy Arena in Birmingham, AL. After…
September 13, 2023

UNSCRIPTED Season 3 | Releasing Sept. 18

Unscripted is back with a fresh season full of inspiring interviews you don’t want to miss. Join Dino Rizzo as he sits down with some…