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Co-lead Pastor, HighPoint Church

Friendswood, TX

Describe yourself in three words.


How are you finding time for play and rest during quarantine?

Play and rest are all I have done during quarantine. I am an Enneagram Type 7, so I have to play! In all seriousness, I must have a routine, and I must be disciplined or I would allow myself to believe that I was on an extended spring break.

I must stay focused on what is most important for work. Not only am I a lead pastor alongside my husband, Scott, but I am also a teacher. I own a homeschool business where I teach other people’s kids. I teach classes online every Tuesday and Thursday, and then on Monday and Wednesday, I serve HighPoint Church. When work is over at 3 pm, I spend time with my family. In April we invested in new bicycles and started evening family bike rides, which have become our most fun activity during quarantine.

I am thankful that this quarantine has taught me to slow down and concentrate only on those things that are most important in every aspect of my life. Life truly is a gift, and it is up to me what I do with every minute. I have been a good steward of play and rest!

How have you seen God move during this time of COVID-19?

“Next level” was the vision God gave me for our family and HighPoint Church this year. When, like every church, we were forced to close our physical doors in March, I panicked. We are only two years old and had never before live-streamed a service nor offered online church.

I went back to my prayer journal, where God had given us that word during our 21 days of prayer and fasting. To go to the next level, we must let the Holy Spirit lead. He whispered to me: “I don’t think like you do. My ways are higher. Seek My way of doing things!”

In three days, we hosted our first online church service and reached more people than ever before. Recently we returned to in-person services and live-streamed for the very first time; the salvations are still happening. Next level—God gets the glory!

How would you describe your hopes and desires for your life?

God has been so faithful in my life. During this quarantine, I have been studying what the Kingdom of God is, and it is simply God’s way of doing things. If I truly seek first the Kingdom, what concerns Him, and how He operates, then He will take care of everything that concerns me. I’ve stepped into something powerful, especially when trying to navigate God’s will when everything keeps changing. I am living the promise in 1 Thessalonians 5:24 that says, “God will make this happen, for He who calls you is faithful.”

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