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People Need Hope

2 min read By October 2, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

When the world began to shut down, ITOWN Church stepped up. As COVID-19 started to impact the Indianapolis area, ITOWN Church sprang into action.

Early on in quarantine, they saw a need in their community. The pandemic affected families in many different ways. There were vulnerable populations who were unable to shop for groceries, groceries were unavailable, or some were in financial hardship and could not purchase needed items for their family. ITOWN came alongside area mayors, school systems, and city officials to identify the greatest needs and provide for those hurting. They transformed the lobby of their church into a food warehouse, and they began distributing hundreds of thousands of pounds of food. They were able to deliver groceries to the porches of senior citizens and some of the most vulnerable. They provided 160,000 masks to distribute to their community. They set up mobile coffee stations outside their local hospitals for essentials works to drive through, get a free cup of coffee, and have someone pray for them on their way to work.

When many were closing up shop, ITOWN was ready with open arms. We want to celebrate ITOWN Church Pastors Dave and Kate Sumrall, their staff, and their incredible volunteers for the lasting impact they continue to make in their community and for the Kingdom.

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