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S1 | UNSCRIPTED Bonus Content | Dino & Dylan Rizzo

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“From Day one at ARC, we’ve always been about resourcing the dream that God has placed in couples’ hearts.”

Dino Rizzo sits down with his son, Dylan, in the ARC studio to reflect on some highlights of the debut season of UNSCRIPTED, and the 22 years ARC has been planting churches.
The secret sauce of these conversations is they truly are unscripted, without any interview questions sent pre-interview. Dino wants to hear straight from the heart, and as Dylan and Dino talk about some of the meaningful moments, it’s obvious the guests shared with raw honesty and humility.
They laugh about light-hearted moments during interviews like Herbert Cooper’s admission in Episode 3 of launching over 20 years ago on Mother’s Day. And they also unpack some of the ways newer leaders have gleaned from seasoned leaders, like Brian Cromer shares about in Episode 2.
One of the most watched episodes of the season was Episode 5 with Jimmy Rollins and Stephen Chandler, which Dino attributes to the fact they’re actually doing something unscripted. Joining forces as churches and recognizing each others’ strengths and weaknesses to chart a new path forward – it is a must watch!
Also, is there a better person to kick off the first episode of Season 1 than Wayne Francis in New York? In a cigar lounge and a train track. Such is the life of mobile church and so much inspiration in that episode..

Lastly, one of Dino’s closest friends whom Dylan calls “Uncle John Siebling.” In Episode 4, they hit what still works in church planting and leadership. After all these years and new teachings on best-practices, sometimes it’s the simplest principles that still make the biggest imprints.

“Our generation can get a little nervous, but I’m filled with hope because there are some passionate leaders in the next generation.”

Dino shares his vision for including Dylan in future conversations and how Season 2 is full of some “bucket list guests.” You will not want to miss!

Check out this recap and behind-the-scenes episode and stay tuned for Season 2 coming soon!


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