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S1 | Ep2 UNSCRIPTED with Dino Rizzo & Brian Cromer

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“Don’t move anywhere until you have a supernatural love for the city.”

When Brian and Heather Cromer decided to plant a church, this advice was key.
“We knew why before we knew where,” Brian explains and then they studied, visited, and prayed for God to show them.
“There’s nowhere like it on planet earth,” Brian shares. “It’s the spot in the country where the north, south, and midwest all hit in one place. It has characteristics of all three, but it is none of those three. I love it with all my heart.”

Brian and Heather Cromer moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in January 2018 and launched Queen City Church with 642 attending on launch Sunday.  They met for 78 weeks before the pandemic led them to go digital. After six months fully online, they regathered in a different location and continued building Queen City Church with their guiding principles to prioritize health and safety, honor government, and think long term.

In this episode of “Unscripted: Conversations with Dino,” you’ll learn so many of the principles the Cromers used to build a thriving, life-giving community against many odds.
You’ll also learn:
  • How to know where you’re called based on a “supernatural love” you feel
  • Naming your church to reflect the heart and calling of the church
  • Parachuting into a city with honor
  • Keys to building a team in a relational way
  • Why it’s better “to grow and not swell”
  • Being able to flourish while pivoting
  • Ideal leadership structure to accomplish the vision and care for team members
  • Staying married to the mission, not the method
Whether you’re thinking about planting a church or already an established church leader, you will learn something practical and be inspired from this interview.

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