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S1 | Ep4 UNSCRIPTED with Dino Rizzo & John Siebeling

4 min read By September 26, 2022February 16th, 2024No Comments

“Over 25 years, we’ve had steady growth, not rapid, but steady and healthy.”

John and Leslie Siebeling are the epitome of commitment. After being missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya, they felt called to launch The Life Church in Memphis, TN. While John admits that one of his early mistakes was having the wrong expectations around launching and growth, they’ve found their stride as pastors figuring out how to lead an organization and love people through every stage.

“Prayer, helping people, leadership, culture, missions, and outreach are all principles that remain the same over the course of a church. We may repackage ideas, but these principles are timeless.” 

The Life Church is now an international church that has expanded beyond Tennessee and this episode of “Unscripted: Conversations with Dino” is packed with so many leadership lessons, including:

  • Getting through times when you want to quit
  • Taking big risks and making sure you’re strategically managing your finances
  • Attributes of steady growth
  • How “great things are built in ordinary moments”
  • Grieving and navigating staff relationships when they transition
  • Building an organization by developing a deep bench of leaders
  • Expanding to other states and internationally based on “divine flow relationships”
  • Adjusting systems to scale up an organization

Join Dino and John as they unpack many timeless and practical topics for planters and pastors that have taken decades of leadership development.

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