Mental Health and the Church Blog Post

We’re amid a mental health crisis. Hurting people would like to be able to run to the Church and know they will be understood and welcomed. My vision is that the Church will not only welcome and understand them, but also be equipped to help them.

The Church Never Closes Blog Post

We sat down with Dino Rizzo to talk about the issues and challenges facing our world today. What is the Church’s role, how do we respond, and where do we go from here? Pastor Dino shares his heart for how the Church is continuing to move forward, and how the vision of ARC has never been more important.

Be a Praying Church Blog Post

As an ARC church planter, I’ve given up on a few things. I’ve given up on hair like Shaun Nepstad’s, lists like Chris Hodges’s, and...

Who Truly Cares About Your Church Launch? Blog Post

If you’re launching a church, you’re very likely a healthy mix of called … and crazy. Church planting is hard work. It takes courage, leadership,...

UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep4 | Dino with Jeff Little Blog Post

“Some of the greatest developing leaders in our church are still young.” Milestone Church celebrated 20 years last fall. Pastor Jeff Little and Dino Rizzo...