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UNSCRIPTED S4 Ep 6 | Daniel & Tammie Floyd

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“Our level of success isn’t in our seating capacity, it’s in our sending capacity… addition isn’t the goal, multiplication is.”

Pastors Daniel and Tammie Floyd are the founding and Senior Pastors of Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since 2005, the church has grown from 50 people to five locations throughout the state, including a church plant in Germany.

The Floyds are passionate about the local church, developing leaders, and reaching people far from God. And they have taken great strides to deploy leaders with ministry training through launching Lifepoint College in 2016.

They sit down with Dino to talk about their almost 20 years leading a church and what they’ve learned about becoming self-aware, finding your tribe, and making sure your marriage is as healthy as possible.

This Unscripted conversation covers many topics including:

  • Building trust in relationships instead of relying on the excuse “its messy”
  • Leadership being a journey of self-awareness
  • The importance of not doing ministry alone and putting yourself out there to find your mentors and peers
  • Prioritizing marriage counseling to get and stay healthy

When asked what still works after all these years, they explain that building and developing people to rise into their potential never gets old and will always be an intentional focus for them. Leader nights and investing in the college are ways they do this along with believing every person has a God-given purpose, and it’s their responsibility to help develop them towards that.

Daniel also explains that a healthy leader is a curious leader. A leader who takes ownership, apologizes, and looks for their own weaknesses in order to grow.

“If you’ll keep expanding your capacity – which is expandable – you’ll keep increasing your influence.”

Don’t miss this insightful episode of Unscripted’s Season 4 – check it out on Youtube or your preferred podcast platform and join the conversation!

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