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“Our launch was the smallest launch by far that day.”

Matt and Carrie Dilley share how discouragement surpassed their excitement once they compared Tribe Church’s numbers to their peer-group who all launched the same day.

Since that day, they’ve sent gifts to other ARC pastors who have the smallest launch every year as a way to say, “God works in small spaces just as much as He can in big spaces. Your work is so valuable.”

Their belief in small churches making big impacts is seen through their “Give Light Campaign”, an outreach birthed to pay families’ outstanding electric bills to prevent their lights being turned off.

The Dilley’s believe ARC’s support and encouragement has made it possible to launch and sustain Tribe Church in one of Indiana’s top 10 fastest growing cities, Plainfield.

“We’re growing small and that’s okay - we’re growing in the right way for Tribe Church.”

Matt Dilley | Plainfield,

Since 2000, ARC has helped to plant more than 1,000 worldwide. If you have a dream in your heart to start a life-giving church and reach your city with the message of Jesus, ARC is here to come alongside you in the journey. Attending ARC Launch, a church planter training event, is the first step in planting a church with ARC. You will hear from ARC pastors, coaches, and staff as they share the nuts and bolts of church planting.

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