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UNSCRIPTED S2 Ep2 | Dino and Vance Roush, Overflow

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“I don’t think you can learn apart from failure. You’re greatest lessons will be from failure. Your greatest insights will be from rejection.”

Vance Roush serves as the executive pastor at Vive Church in the Bay area with lead pastors Adam and Keira Smallcombe. His background is in technology, having launched his career at Google and named “One of 2022’s rising innovators to watch,” by The Silicon Valley Business Journal. He’s also the founder and CEO of Overflow, a technology company that empowers nonprofits, churches, and corporations to accept non-cash donations, like stocks and crypto, in a streamlined way.

Dino and Vance sit down in a laid-back interview at the ARC studio in Birmingham, AL, which serves as a visual for how generosity and technology can be used to advance the Kingdom. They unpack Vance’s unique story, from being recruited into church planting in the Bay area to his career at Google, and how he was able to see a problem in the church and innovate a solution.

Overflow has unlocked unprecedented amounts of generosity to fund the local church’s vision, which Vance credits to the empowerment culture he experienced at Google along with his pastor’s big vision that always outpaces resources.

You’ll hear them talk more about: 

  • How an empowerment culture leads to innovation
  • Funding “the faith gap” – when the vision outpaces the resources 
  • How the church helps people put purpose behind their hustle 
  • Making sure vision at the workplace isn’t bigger than vision at the local church
  • Celebrating a “positive sum mentality”
The Unscripted team also follows Vance to Silicon Valley where they capture Pastor Adam’s perspective as a church planter. You don’t want to miss this unique episode, filled with rich leadership wisdom and vital technology insight.
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