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UNSCRIPTED S2 Ep3 | Dino with Noah and Maddy Herrin

4 min read By March 13, 2023February 16th, 2024No Comments

“It’s not just a way for your eternity, it’s a way for your life.”

Noah and Maddy Herrin, one of ARC’s first Gen Z church planting couples, are preparing to launch Way Church in Nashville, TN in August 2023. Dino and son, Dylan, interview them in Nashville to hear about their launch process and the season of preparation that got them to where they are.
They share about the privilege of serving under Noah’s parents, who they describe as the best “shepherds” they’ve ever witnessed. This up-close-and-personal pastoral mentorship helped them see the type of pastors they want to be.

“We had an impressive ministry but it had a problem: we could gather people, but we weren’t making disciples.” Noah and Maddy expound on this really important lesson from leading a 600+ college ministry and deciding that Way Church would focus on discipleship.

They also talk more about:
  • The importance of not leaping over the season of preparation
  • Gen Z characteristics that make them ripe for being a generation of global impact
  • How character is built in the ‘no’
  • Making relationships with established pastors in the region you’re planting
  • The simple vision of three things they want Way Church to be known for
  • Using their age as a strength instead of viewing it as a weakness
Plus, you’ll hear about the key to choosing the city you should plant in, and embracing your current season of ministry even when you know it’s temporary. You won’t want to miss this episode of Unscripted – check it out here!

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