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UNSCRIPTED S2 Ep4 | Dino with Chris Hodges

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“If God pours out His Spirit and no-one ever does anything, then we just had a good church service. What we need is more workers.”

Chris Hodges is the founder and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL. Under his leadership, Church of the Highlands has launched campuses all over the state of Alabama. He also co-founded the Association of Related Churches, leads a coaching network called GrowLeader, and serves as chancellor of Highlands College, an accredited, hands-on ministry training college.

Dino and Chris tour the newly renovated Grandview campus, which not only serves as Highlands’ second largest campus but also home to Highlands College and the central staff offices.

When asked about the early years of planting and if he ever thought Highlands would be where they are, Chris shares openly about the times he wanted to quit. Relationships were the key reason he didn’t give up – and why he is so passionate about ARC and pastors not doing ministry alone.

They walk through the most meaningful elements of this incredible facility, including tributes to Chris’ father and the late Billy Hornsby.

They also talk more about:
  • The importance of not leaping over the season of preparation
  • Gen Z characteristics that make them ripe for being a generation of global impact
  • How character is built in the ‘no’
  • Making relationships with established pastors in the region you’re planting
  • The simple vision of three things they want Way Church to be known for
  • Using their age as a strength instead of viewing it as a weakness

Chris attributes Highlands’ success and expansion to God, not his leadership. Being properly positioned and his father laying a strong foundation of healthy financial systems made a way for them to steward the work of God.

They also discuss:

  • Systems that are transferable and scalable no matter the size of the church

  • How frugality and generosity go hand-in-hand

  • Not giving in to the temptation of comparison

  • How to be leaders who listen to the dreams of your team

You’ll also want to catch the “extra” moment when Dino sits down with Youth Pastor and President of Highlands College, Mark Pettus, to discuss the state and potential of Gen Z. His unique view on the opportunities to give Gen Z meaningful ways to contribute and harness their passion and gifts will be an encouragement to all leaders and pastors.

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