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UNSCRIPTED S2 Ep6 | Dino with Davey Blackburn

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“When you’re in ministry, you almost have this unwritten agreement with the Lord. If we’re gonna be in the center of your will, and we’re gonna sacrifice, we know we’re going to experience ‘hard’, but You’re going to protect my family. It shattered my world that something so horrific could happen to us.” 

Davey Blackburn is a church planter, coach, author, speaker, podcaster, and founder of Nothing is Wasted Ministry. In 2015, four years after they moved to Indianapolis to plant a church, his pregnant wife of seven years was murdered in their home during a break-in.

“Now I’m without my best friend, my soulmate, being a single dad, and pastoring this church we started. We grew from about 150 people to 500 people after the tragedy – partially because people were so curious about how this church was still standing and this guy preaching. And then we begin to find out that a lot of people are going through their own pain. Each week became a counseling session of what God was teaching me. And we were watching people get healed emotionally and spiritually.”

Since then, God has begun to write a beautiful redemption story of healing, forgiveness, and purpose. Davey and his new wife, Kristi, and their three children are devoted to helping others find redemption in their own stories and purpose in their pain.

Dino sits down with Davey for a raw and inspiring conversation. They explore Davey’s story, walking through deep pain and how God is using Nothing is Wasted Ministry.

They discuss: 

  • Sorting through rage, forgiving his wife’s murderers, and releasing bitterness
  • How to stop responding from a false filter based in trauma and rewire your neural pathways to God’s narrative
  • God’s redemptive purpose through pain
  • Living plan A in your life now… not looking at it as plan B

“God begins to meet you and put your feet back on the rock. And He points you to a future that isn’t the way you would’ve scripted it, but it is way greater than you could’ve ever imagined.”

Davey also shares about his passion to provide pastors’ resources so they can develop an accessible process for their members who need access to counseling and healing.

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