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UNSCRIPTED S2 Ep7 | Dino with Kyle Turner

4 min read By May 22, 2023February 16th, 2024No Comments

“We ‘beat the odds’ – our original launch team was on the team and staff for 7-8 years because we pastored them from day one. We do it for the one.”

Kyle and Liz Turner are the Lead Pastors of Kingdom City Church in Kansas, City, MO. Building the local church together for over a decade, they, along with their three incredible kids, are passionate about pastoring people and seeing them come alive in Jesus.

Dino sits down with Kyle for an in-depth conversation in Kansas City. They unpack multiple angles of leadership, family, launching, transitioning, and serving your city.

They discuss:
  • What worked building a team to launch that still works now
  • How to transfer that heart of care so that you don’t lose that as you grow
  • How to stay Holy Spirit dependent and never take the pulpit for granted
  • Making big changes out of pain and/or needing progress
  • How to honor through the transitions and not burn bridges
  • Activating your church to serve the marginalized
  • Being transparent with your peers and identifying your false narratives

“We’re a hundred year old church in-the-making. We’re twelve years in…to one hundred years.” Kyle shares about how they’re preparing for the future through youth ministry, involving and hiring the next generation, and sustaining their passion to reach as many people as possible in their city.

You’ll be so inspired by Kyle’s authenticity, transparency, and hard-earned leadership lessons.

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