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UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep3 | Dino with Earl and Oneka McClellan

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“We started with honor and believe we’ve seen so much favor because of that.”

Earl and Oneka McClellan are the founders and lead pastors of Shoreline City Church based in Dallas, Texas. They started Shoreline with a Bible study in a nursing home in 2012 and have grown into multiple locations, services, and expanded internationally into Guatemala. They’ve been married for over 20 years with three children, and are both visionaries and dynamic communicators who are passionate about cultivating leaders.
Dino visits them in Dallas, where they unpack many aspects of Shoreline’s start as well as their commitment to a healthy marriage and partnership throughout all stages.

They talk about the beginning of their journey and how they planned to move to a highly unchurched area until they felt God’s call to Dallas. Through seeking counsel and honoring local pastors, they were able to find the right part of the city to plant Shoreline. Recognizing they are standing on the shoulders of so many pastors who plowed the ground before them, they committed to honoring local pastors in every step. They also celebrate finding the lost, doing life together, and not just finding people who are already in great communities.

The conversation covers many topics including:
  • How to honor and take your time to land in the right place
  • Learning how to lead together as a team and overcome your individual insecurities
  • Feeding confidence and security into your spouse/co-leader
  • How the roles of ‘architect’ and ‘general contractor’ helped them define their own roles
  • The one thing they didn’t do when launching that they wish they had
  • Dealing with criticism, skeptics, and the pain of relationships that shift

They also talk about one of the displayed messages throughout their building which shows the heartbeat of their church: You are loved. You are valued. You are believed in.

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