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UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep4 | Dino with Jeff Little

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“Some of the greatest developing leaders in our church are still young.”

Milestone Church celebrated 20 years last fall. Pastor Jeff Little and Dino Rizzo tour Milestone’s new facilities and discuss the journey of pastoring through so many seasons, the importance of relationships, and being authentic instead of polished.

“You can go to a small church that feels cold or a big church that feels cold, it’s really about culture.”

Jeff shares how Milestone is like a fusion restaurant, blending things together that are rarely together. He finds people appreciate the intentionality and excellence to serve them but they’re surprised by the authenticity and the family feel. And they’re even more surprised that as the church grows, Milestone still maintains the relational connections.
Dino and Jeff dig into some of the biggest themes of his pastoring experience including:
  • How he’s instilled value in each member of Milestone since day one
  • The miracle of the property they were able to acquire
  • How not to be intimidated by the next generation and make space for their gifts and calling to grow
  • The importance of understanding the meaning of the original text when preaching the Word
  • How to maintain the spirit and culture that brought you to new levels of growth
Jeff explains how shepherding people is all about taking care of who you have through every season and how they’re working more intentional than ever to maintain the spirit and the culture that brought them to this point.
They also discuss the importance of supporting and blessing church planters. When asked what encouragement he has for young pastors, Jeff advises, “don’t get so consumed with success that you miss the moment. Don’t be in such a hurry. Jesus builds His Church.”

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