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UNSCRIPTED S4 Ep 2 | Aaron Burke

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“People need something bigger than themselves. And they’re bored – they’re bored with the American dream, and they need God’s dream for their lives.”

Pastor Aaron Burke planted Radiant Church in Tampa Bay after he and his wife, Katie, felt called to be a light to the community of Tampa, where 87% of people don’t go to church. Since they launched in 2013, Radiant Church has seen incredible growth and expansion. Aaron has a heart for multiplication and plans to continue opening locations throughout Tampa Bay.

“Every time I eliminate waste, God brings blessing. So my job is not to search for the blessing, my job is to search for the waste. He’s a God of stewardship, and He sees how we handle it.”

Aaron explains how important good stewardship is and the connection he’s seen between eliminating waste and making room for God’s blessings. Missions is a huge priority for their church, and they’ve always focused their finances to make an impact locally and globally. 

Dino and Aaron dive into many compelling topics including:

  • Being an unavoidable presence in your community while also being globally-minded 
  • How to identify the right leaders for multi-sites
  • Expansion through partnering with existing churches
  • Living in margin by stewarding finances with generosity and savings
  • The 7-7-7 rule the Burkes follow to keep their marriage strong

They also discuss Aaron’s new book, exploring how God uses the “unfair advantages” in our lives. He’s learned and witnessed that God using our pain is available, but it’s not automatic – our response matters. When we respond with trust, God always uses difficult seasons as preparation for His purposes. 

“People who are depressed about the church, don’t see what we see. There’s so much good out there. There’s sharp leaders and the future is bright.” Aaron is passionate about the Church, raising up leaders, and reaching more people for Jesus!

 Don’t miss this impressive episode of Unscripted’s Season 4 – check it out on Youtube or your preferred podcast platform and join the conversation!

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