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UNSCRIPTED S4 Ep 4 | Brett Jones

2 min read By June 9, 2024June 10th, 2024No Comments

“I’m not overworked, I’m under-planned…Together, let’s see if we can do something that we don’t see a model for.”

This is how Pastor Brett Jones invited his brother, Scott Jones, to co-pastor with him, after pastoring for a few years on his own. They began partnering to lead Grace Church in Houston, TX, and have now led together for 38 years. Not only have they defied the discouraging advice that “anything with 2 heads is a freak”, but they’ve also scaled an incredible model for how to maintain your relationships, set aside your egos, and prioritize servant leadership in every season.
In this intriguing ‘Unscripted’ conversation, Brett shares much insight with Dino, including:
  • Making sure you don’t compete in relationships
  • Being surrendered and secure in your own gifts without needing any praise
  • The art and importance of serving as a leader
  • Navigating working with your kids in ministry

They discuss how “life moves at the speed of relationships” and how ego means “edging God out.” It’s imperative that leaders are fully aware that the part they play is smaller than the vision they’re submitted to.

Brett is also passionate about mentoring the next generation and has spent extensive time researching the exemplary mentoring model of Elijah and Elisha. He unpacks this successful transition from generation to generation in his book “The Changeover Principle: Mentoring and the Art of Servant Leadership.” He admits the struggle many leaders experience, finding it easier to call down fire from Heaven than to guide and mentor a successor like Elisha. But, he warns the risk is high if we don’t.

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