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UNSCRIPTED S4 Ep 5 | Vance Roush

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“Church planting with ARC is not a model based on taking equity, it’s a model that’s funded by generosity.”

From the Wall Street Journal to Silicon Valley, ARC has received some positive attention and press lately. People in the business spheres are recognizing there’s something unique and effective about the ARC church planting model.

While we’re grateful for the business communities’ intrigue, we recognize church planting with ARC can be like learning a foreign language to those who are not familiar with the culture and context. The same words in one arena don’t always fit the context in a different arena. We thought it would be helpful to piggyback off of these articles and social media highlights and offer further insight, context, and clarity so that more people can understand the power and effectiveness of our relational network.

Vance Roush returns as a guest of Unscripted to unpack many angles of ARC, business, technology, and even flip the roles by asking Dino a question or two.

They tackle some important questions and topics including:

  • What prompted the founding of ARC
  • Is ARC really a franchise-style network?
  • Should we be nervous about AI?
  • The strategic and practical ways ARC is able to be a good steward of funds
  • Does ARC control the branding and governance of church plants?
  • Why ARC doesn’t fund church plants through loans

Vance gives his hot take on how prolific AI will be for churches’ “back office” and why leaders should not fear it. As the founder of Overflow, a Silicon-Valley based startup that is unlocking generosity in churches and nonprofits, he leads by example in the vision that leveraging technology allows us to extend and expand the Kingdom of God.

“Church planting with ARC is not a model based on taking equity, it’s a model that’s funded by generosity.”

He expounds on the differences he sees between start-ups, venture capital, franchises and ARC. While ARC is not a bank, venture capital model, or lender, we stand apart in our ability to use 81% of our budget to support, train, coach, and resource church planting. Church Planters who are trained and supported by ARC commit to a reinvestment that perpetually funds new church plants and has resulted in over 1100 churches being planted since ARC’s inception.

This incredible statistic is possible because of the board’s generosity, which covers the administrative and operational costs so that every dollar donated can go to church planting. And with a pay-it-forward model, full of generosity and reinvestment, ARC is able to serve church leaders and help them not do ministry alone.

Don’t miss this episode of Unscripted’s Season 4 unpacking some significant perspectives – check it out on Youtube or your preferred podcast platform and join the conversation!

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