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Arise Puerto Rico | Juan and Marisol Rodriguez

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“The median household income in Puerto Rico is $19,000. If Puerto Rico was a state, it would be the highest poverty level. And – there’s more people in Puerto Rico than 20 other states.”

Juan and Marisol Rodriguez were stirred to plant a life-giving church to reach the people of Puerto Rico. While both have roots in Puerto Rico, they never planned to move there until they felt an unshakeable call to Dorado, Puerto Rico. Their vision is to be a place that helps people arise from darkness and creates life-giving environments throughout their community.

The Rodriquez’s planted in January 2020 after a series of unimaginable obstacles, like earthquakes and a shooting in front of their church, followed by COVID and political uprisings. They had to figure out how to go online in one week and record two services as a new, bilingual church. 

“But then you know it’s God’s calling. He didn’t say it was going to be easy, but He did say He was going to be with you every step of the way.”

Marisol shares how challenging the beginning of Arise Puerto Rico was but how they’ve experienced miracle after miracle. They’ve witnessed marriages restored, souls saved, and many baptized as they dedicated their lives to Christ. 

“There’s going to be moments that you want to give up. Planting a church will test your faith. Be sure that you hold onto that calling so that you never give up because you are called to make an impact.” 

Check out Arise Puerto Rico’s inspiring story to hear more about their perseverance to impact Puerto Rico and how God is using them in even greater ways than they imagined. 

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