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S1 | Ep3 UNSCRIPTED with Dino Rizzo & Herbert Cooper

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“The greatest attribute of a leader is that they ask questions. It reveals vulnerability because it means ‘I don’t know.’ The landscape shifts and you have to be determined to stay a learner.”

Herbert Cooper, pastor of People’s Church in Oklahoma City, shares his hard-earned wisdom after 20 years of pastoring.

From launching on Mother’s Day (spoiler alert: not the best idea) to celebrating “1,000 Sundays,” Herbert and Tiffany Cooper planted with very little experience or support and have stayed committed to growing and learning through all the seasons of church life. Today, they have four campuses, including one in a prison, and are committed to helping new church planters launch in a healthy way as ARC Lead Team members.

In this episode of Unscripted, Herbert Cooper unpacks how to get centered again when you feel discombobulated, not take yourself too seriously, and build bridges in a society full of animosity and division.

You’ll also hear more about:

  • How to help people of all backgrounds and ideologies rally around the cause of Christ
  • Facilitating an atmosphere of diversity and multi-generations that thrives
  • Rebuilding and recovering in a pandemic
  • Making space for this generation to lead and mentor kids behind them
  • How to keep yourself emotionally and mentally healthy
  • What do I do now so that when I end ministry, I’m still in love with my spouse
When asked what the future looks like, Cooper responds “the best churches are yet to be started.” You won’t want to miss this inspiring episode of of Unscripted: Conversations with Dino.

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