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UNSCRIPTED S2 Ep5 | Dino with Mayo Sowell

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“Our hope is that we can disciple and teach people how to leverage their influence to pull others up and push them forward. We want our city to experience the victory of Jesus Christ.”

Mayo and Kai Sowell are the founders and senior pastors of LIIV Atlanta, launched in September 2022. Mayo, a former pro football player who met Jesus his fifth year in prison, and Kai knew they were called to go back to Atlanta, the city where Mayo sold drugs, so that they could share true life with as many people as possible.

Dino sits down with Mayo for a candid interview in front of a live audience of pastors participating in an ARC Launch Training in Birmingham, AL. They unpack Mayo’s redemptive story, journey to launch, and firsthand experience of planting a church, including the highs and lows.

They discuss:
  • Understanding the call to plant a church
  • Transitioning from being on staff at a church to leading a church
  • Branding, using social media, and building a launch team
  • How to connect with people in the city as you start to build your team
  • Fundraising
  • Losing their venue right after the first Sunday service
“Most people in your city would love to be a part of something in the embryonic stage.” Mayo shares about how he gathered his launch team and invited people to join a movement. You’ll learn some practical tips along with encouraging insights.

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