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UNSCRIPTED S3 Ep7 | Dino with Toby Slough

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“I thought freedom was I would never have a panic attack – I would never be anxious. But through a lot of study, prayer, and counseling, I discovered freedom wasn’t the absence of those things, it was connecting to a power greater than myself in the middle of those things.”

Diagnosed with an anxiety panic disorder over 30 years ago (in a time when no one ever heard of it or spoke of it), Pastor Toby Slough recounts how he began a journey of discovering what true freedom is and how important it is for parents to find their freedom and disciple their kids.

As he started the leadership transition of Cross Timbers Church, Toby felt called to step into a new season of ministering to families and raising awareness for mental health wellness. His dream is to change the conversation and help the Church step up to the plate with the answers.

“Jesus offers something better if we can learn how to stop being so prescriptive and start being more validating about these issues.”

Goby Ministries was launched to change the awareness, perception, and wellness for those dealing with mental health challenges by empowering a global audience through Jesus led mental health resources, coaching, and community. The ministry seeks to give people practical tools to help disciple their kids with the right language.

Dino and Toby unpack many angles about church leadership and mental health. Their conversation includes: 

  • Planting a church in a place that doesn’t make sense, but you know God is in it
  • Letting go and grieving during seasons of transition
  • The importance of regular communication during leadership transitions
  • Connecting families to God’s power so that parents can help their children through mental health struggles
  • Fighting what you feel with what you know

“We try to help families connect God’s power to the very real issues kids are dealing with. As parents, the best thing you can give your kids is a healthy you.”

Toby is passionate about seeing families find freedom and children learning how to have confidence, courage, and compassion. You will be encouraged as a parent, pastor, and leader by joining this conversation.

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Here’s what Team Goby members receive:

  • Weekly encouragement that is texted to your phone
  • Monthly tools providing strategies to handle the struggles you face
  • Courses that are relevant to you and your desire for a mentally healthy family
  • Webinars connecting you to Toby and other Team Goby members.

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We are so grateful for the work and service of Goby Ministries

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