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UNSCRIPTED S4 Ep 1 | Mayo Sowell and Jason Laird

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“If you approach church planting like an expert, you’ll eventually become a critic of other churches.”

Pastor Jason Laird knows a thing or two about the journey of a church planter. Learning how to contextualize ministry in San Francisco, where he planted in 2017, to supporting church planters with ARC, and now as a church planter again in Tennessee, Jason is passionate about approaching the city where you’re called as a student, not an expert.

“We were forced to move the second Sunday after we launched and then held five services on a rooftop for eight Sundays.”

Pastor Mayo Sowell shares how learning to adapt and be flexible is key in church planting. When he and his wife, Kai, felt called to move back to their hometown, Atlanta, he knew it was to bring life to a place where he had experienced death. He loves the pace of Atlanta, how industries are booming, and how so many people from all walks of life are curious about church.

In this first episode of Unscripted Season 4, Dino interviews Mayo and Jason about the many aspects of a church planter’s wild experience following the call of God. Some of the topics they discuss include: 

  • Getting to know your community so that you can embrace it fully with the heart of God
  • Honoring the spiritual mothers and fathers in your city
  • How to give and receive relational support among peers
  • Managing your expectations through transitions and building phases
  • Relocating your family successfully

They also share what they’re seeing for the future of the church, the hunger for God they’re witnessing among people, and how pastors are collaborating on new methodologies for the times. 

You don’t want to miss the first episode of Unscripted’s Season 4 – you will laugh, gain new perspective, and be encouraged by this conversation. Check it out on Youtube or your preferred podcast platform!

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