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Unscripted is back with a fresh season full of inspiring interviews you don’t want to miss. Join Dino Rizzo as he sits down with some dynamic guests from church planters to seasoned pastors. Conversations span a broad range of topics between leaders of the next generation, an influential prayer and worship movement, and an NFL Hall of Famer turned coach. One thread between all these impressive guests – they are driven by a shared mission to create a meaningful and lasting impact. 

“If you know who God created you to be, you can overcome anything.” Toby Slough, pastor and mental health expert, shares hard-earned wisdom about turning your own mental health struggles into a powerful tool in your life to help others. 

On the heels of thousands of students attending the Motion Conference, Dino interviews Mark Pettus in the Legacy Arena to unpack ministering to the next generation, their mental health struggles, and building a leadership culture.

“If Jimmy Evans can succeed in marriage, any human being can succeed in marriage.” Pastor Jimmy Evans shares openly about his struggle as a selfish, dominant husband and how God transformed their marriage and ministry. Hearing his honest, raw perspective is a reminder no situation is without hope. 

These guests along with Jeff Little, Earl and Oneka McClellan, Michael Miller, and Kevin Mawae, generously share their experiences, struggles, ideas, and wisdom. You will laugh, cry, and be inspired through all these interviews. 

Tune in to Season 3 of “Unscripted” September 18th and join the conversation on Youtube or any podcast platform. We’re so glad you’re here!

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