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ServeCity Church

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Andrew and Chantal Beresford felt the call of God to plant ServeCity Church in their hometown of Toronto, Ontario. They sensed God’s hand upon the nation of Canada and were drawn to be a part of the revival.

Andrew says, “We chose Toronto because of its dense cultural diversity. There are so many people here from all around the world.” More than half of the over 600 thousand people who live in Toronto are not from Canada. “We truly believe this city is one of the most strategic places on the planet to reach the nations of the world.”

Prior to launching ServeCity, the Beresfords share how God put it in their hearts to not go alone. They were inspired by and drawn to launch their church through ARC. “Because of the principles and strategy that we gained through ARC, we were able to launch from a place of strength,” says Andrew. “Most importantly, during the process, we were blessed with invaluable relationships that we still hold and cherish today.”

Andrew and Chantal launched ServeCity in 2017. Their church is building a reputation for being a real environment, where people from all walks of life can come with their imperfections and connect with Jesus and His people. Weekly they proclaim, “No perfect people allowed.”

“It’s been amazing to see how God has grown our church both numerically and spiritually over the past three years,” Andrew says. “We especially are grateful for the number of people who have come to faith in Christ.”

The Beresfords recently acquired their first permanent facility, which has positioned them in the center of their community where they can serve and love those who live there.

Andrew says, “We are believing that a massive revival is about to hit the nation of Canada; in fact, it’s already begun! The influence of ARC Canada is spreading like wildfire, and we can’t wait to celebrate the fruit of life-giving churches planted across our country in the years ahead.”

ARC Canada was established in 2015 and has helped to plant 18 churches and multiple church campuses throughout Canada under the leadership of ARC Canada President, Brent Cantelon, and Executive Director, Jonathan Lambert. Three new churches are set to launch in 2020. To learn, more visit

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