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  • Church Planting: It’s a Family Thing

    An interview with Sarah Blount and Sharon Hodde Miller Pastor, spouse, parent—most church planters fill all three roles. You may…

  • Anthony Flores

    Describe yourself in three words. Passionate Charismatic Hard-working What advice would you give yourself 15 years ago, and why? I…

  • Aaron & Amanda Jayne

    What motivated you to plant your church in the city that you are in? For years I felt God calling…

  • Scaling Culture in A Multi-Site Environment

    Your church culture establishes the core values that drive your actions and the pace by which you progress. It is…

  • Lori Champion

    This Ain’t Our First Rodeo!

    Lori Champion | Celebration Church | Georgetown, TX Women do something that men NEVER DO! When we go to an…